The benefits of WordPress sites over Common Static websites is a point of discussion which is going on among people form many years. Initially, you will get to recognize the reasons behind it to know two utterances exactly mean.

Static websites: –

This type of website is stuffy websites that include a limited number of pages. Entire code of the pages is accessible in HTML. Businesses that desire to demonstrate a small amount of information to customers eventually use these websites. There is a separate document for each web page and there is no database or external file that is used as a source. Your content is static to make any change in it you have to do changes manually and by uploading the new brand version onto the web hosting server.

WordPress websites: –

Although WordPress is a free web-based software program that facilitates you to construct and support a website or a blog with easiness. WordPress is the famous content management system (CMS) as it capability to run complete-sizes social media-wealthy business websites. WordPress has numerous tools which are easy to use, customize or edit your website using tools and its incredible countless plug-in can create web management far simpler than it had been in the past.

Benefits of WordPress Websites over Static Websites are as follows:

Easy to install and maintain: –

WordPress can be installed automatically on your server without any troubles. It includes an outstanding CMS which lets you to simply upload entire content without having a need to recognize HTML code. Easy and Simple to edit your site with the WordPress online admin panel or by using one of the free utilities.

Highly interactive: –

”Comments” is a default feature in WordPress. It lets your visitors write their comments and provide feedback to which you can respond later. So WordPress is highly interactive and assists you in building your online group of people.

Flexibility: –

WordPress include different functionality at one place to include articles, comments, editorials, reviews, tips, drawings, giveaways, news and so on in terms of the static website. In a more systematic form, you can classify your posts and manage things.

Search-engine friendly: –

Creation blog is no more a hard task using WordPress. Increase in the actions in your blog will result in more people visit on a regular basis. This will help you receive higher rankings in trendy search engines.

Increased security: –

Website created with help of WordPress is hacker-proof while this characteristic is not present in static websites. By“hardening” your WordPress installation you can create your site secure and safe. This where most significant benefits of WordPress websites over Static websites. If you are considering creating a website for your business than WordPress is absolutely a superior choice. If you require WordPress customization Services email us at