You will be amazed by hearing that Nike, Samsung, Ford, and Lenovo share a common ground. All of them are built on Magento. Actually, most of the E-Commerce websites have been built on this platform. In a research, it was found that Magento users account for 29% of the total market share. We have observed in the last couple of years that a excess use of plug and play on E-Commerce platforms but still developers prefer Magento.
We have other option to choose for but Why Magento is preferred the most? What makes Magento an ideal platform for E-Commerce development? Because of the ease of customization, better support, easy to scale and much more. Do you really accept that popularity and large-scale adoption is not viable without some reasons, isn’t it? Let us get an insight into the reasons that make it a popular platform for E-Commerce.

Magento is the free and open source:

The way you want to use Magento you can install and use it. It is easy to modify Magento code any way you want and power up the E-Commerce site with new functionality and install extensions. Moreover, Magento Connect is the largest E-Commerce app marketplace.

Magento has three versions namely:

Magento Community Edition (free)
Magento Enterprise Edition (paid)
Magento Go (paid and hosted on Magento’s servers) and the most popular among them is the Community Edition, which is completely free and offers developers all the features of web development.

Setup Multiple Stores:

For its preferences, one of the major reasons is this. From the single admin panel, developers can easily simultaneously manage several stores. Different security certificates, domain names and IP addresses can be used while using Magento for E-Commerce development. What you don’t get from other CMS is provided by this platform in a one-stop solution. From a single admin dashboard, you can control all of your inventory, customer records, billing tasks and much more.

Google Analytics and Other Tracking Options:

The main aspects of managing your site are tracking your site. To overcome any shortcomings you have to overall analyze performs of the site. You can have detail reports, purchased reports, tax reports, etc can easily view what customer’s like and look. If you do not know all your faults but would be in a better position in rectifying all those faults.

Freedom To Choose Hosting Service:

Unlike other E-Commerce platforms, Magento gives us the freedom of choosing the Hosting Service. keeping your costs down offer you the flexibility of switching hosting services if you run into problems with your existing one.
Magento Go offers you exactly all benefits that come along with the Magento Community Edition platform.

Customizable Theme:

Customize your store the way you want and obtain any template you want. Similar looking web pages generate support for a template system. Changes to the theme can be done by editing CSS, HTML and CSS files. The display of the website or its functionality can be changed by Magento users by installing themes. Without loss of content or layout of pages, themes are interchangeable. SSH or FTP can be used to upload theme folder and installed them using the backend admin system.

Easy Administration:

You can manage the entire store in the admin page once you have been done with the development. Content, price tags, product descriptions, track orders, shopping carts, different types of payments etc can be edited by Admins. By adding Magento plugins you can extend its basic functionality. You can integrate several different domain names into one control panel and manage more than one storefront from a single control panel.

Shopping Cart and Order Management:

You can place, edit, cancel and track your orders in terms of the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly transaction and can also print invoices of industry standard size.
Customer Management: As customer manager allows you to keep track of customer visiting, statistics, browsing histories, all customer-related transactions it is easy to manage all customer related queries. Customer lists in .xls, .csv and .txt file formats can also be imported or exported.

Easy To Integrate Third Party Apps:

Integration of third-party apps with your E-Commerce with Magento platform can be done easily. Readily use apps or installed plugins and integrated it into your site instead of coding specifically for a new feature from the scratch. The service provider has only control on the integration of third-party apps with other E-Commerce platforms. Extensible API of Magento’s allows you to connect any kind of app or plugin of your choice extremely easily.

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