In the fast-changing world of technology, it is essential to have a website. Size or a purpose of a business doesn’t matter but the point is to own a website in order to reach out local and global audience. The website design, structure, and content are much more important than a website itself. The website should be dynamic one needs to make sure. The website should be well structured and visitors should get exactly what they are looking for.

In this post, I would like to answer one of the most commonly asked questions:

“What is the difference between customized web design and web design based on a template?”

a) Customized Web Design

Custom web design is a customized web design that is built to suit perfectly business needs. The website layout, color, the order of content, pictures, internal links, etc these are all according to your wishes. You can be sure that no one in the world has the similar website to yours as you have customized web design.

b) Template web design

Template web design is based on the template. This web design template has been created and coded by someone which are now available for others to use. Anyone can purchase a template and make web design similar to someone else with having a template automatically.

Advantage and disadvantages of customized web design based on a template that you can brush away your negativity and make your own opinion about web design areas below:

Design and Overall Functionality

Template web design are far backward then customized web design. When it comes to cheap templates especially then templates are limited. Some templates don’t allow owners to change the location of a logo. In this terms customized web design is the winner.


A more time-consuming process is customized web design. It provides more awareness as templates are ready to buy products. A content insertion is only needed to be done if you buy a template. It usually takes 4-12 days depends on the complexity of your content.

On the other hand, if you purchase customized web design the whole design has to be drawn from a scratch. It usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on your requirement and efficiency of your web design company and you get a chance to adjust the design. The winner in terms of time is template web design.


To add a new function to your website the possibility to do these is to have scalability. Scalability is needed to add a new function for eg. online payment method integration, integration of a Live chat etc. Templates available online are already pre-coded with a possible code to upgrade the website to E-Commerce in the future. You would not be able to sell online as you have purchased a template online without E-Commerce function. You can ask your web design company to add on any new function in the future as customized websites are not limited. In terms of scalability customized web design is a winner.


Templates are 3 times less expensive than customized web design depending on the complexity of a website. If requirements are too high for a website then customized web design can be even 20 times more expensive than template web design. Customized web design is usually at least 3 times more expensive than templates, depending on the complexity of a website. If website requirements are too high, customized web design can be even 20 times more expensive than template web design. Template web design is the winner in terms of price.


Use our imagination to summarize the difference between customized web design and web design based on the template. Some people assume that custom web design is way too expensive for what you get in return. But the truth is just the opposite. Please do comments on the post and you may also comment or share your views on Template Vs Customized Web Design. For more, you can send us a mail at