As you know that SEO is all about improving your rank in the Search Engine results pages and also increasing your online visibility and maximizing the number of web users who visit your site. Keywords, link-building and the positioning of meta-data are techniques related to mostly SEO. We believe at Wexford Infotech that certain ordinary website design technique can boost your SEO. Today we’ll go through core web design principles that can help to secure your position in the search engine results page (SERPs).

1. Creating Landing Pages For Every Product Or Service Category

To guide web-users to specific types of products or services traditionally landing pages are used. Hence, they can also help your position in the search engine results page (SERPs). You can use keywords that are related specifically to that category for the created landing page and it may not be suitable for your homepage. You can ensure that your site appears in the SERPs for a wider variety of search items by deploying products or services-specific landing pages that use keywords and other traditional SEO techniques. This will result in more customers attraction and also helps to establish your site. This will result in the whole site(not just your landing pages) will climb higher in the SERPs.

2. Simplifying navigation

In previous blogs, we have mentioned that Web users tend to bounce off sites with complicated navigation systems. Clearly, this is a problem for an E-Commerce point of view because visitors bounce away from a site won’t convert into customers. Although it is also worth consider that high bounce rates drive down a site’s position in the SERPs and reduce its SEO. To improve search engine optimization and reduce bounce rate just make simple your navigation system. Web Design experts suggest utilizing horizontal navigation bar that runs across the top of every screen and provides links to each major sections of your site. On the main page of each section links to another relevant site can be provided. This process is easy to use and has been adopted by a huge variety of websites already which means it’s familiar to most web users.

3. Deploying video content

If you want to explain your business, products or services integration of video content into your site is a great web design technique. It is an alternative way of encouraging customers to spend more time on your site. Studies done on customers have shown that customer spends more time on web pages with embedded videos than those without. Sites, where customers spend more time, are rewarded by search engines this give them a boost in the SERPs.

If you want to quickly improve your SEO these three web design techniques are very easy to utilize. There are plenty of other web design techniques to help with search engine optimization, so don’t delay to contact us if you want more information mail us at