You should look beyond choosing popular keywords to improve your website search rankings. Do consider keywords within their algorithms as popular search engines such as Google does and there are a number of other web design factors that can improve your search rankings as well.

To have a remarkable impact on your overall search ranking results the ways in which you design your website leads to it. Nobody finds your site online or your website couldn’t be found appearing in the search rankings of popular search engines that means that your website is poorly designed. To prevent your website from disappearing from the Internet landscape you have to focus on how to implement different ways to improve your web design. Below are 4 ways of web design that can improve your search rankings with Google:

1. Include Links To Social Media Platforms

By the addition of social media platform icons on your business profile grab the attention of the people towards your website which is an easy way to generate additional traffic to your website. The sites which generate a large amount of social media activity give a boost by a search engine.

2. Include Outbound Links

To add an extra boost to your search rankings is a great way to include outbound links within your site content which are applicable to your content. The adding of outbound links can give an impression that your website content is spam-like. Always make sure that the outbound links are linked to reputable sites and the failure of doing so will cause a search engine to nominate your website untrustworthy, resulting in lowered search rankings

3. Add Multimedia

By including different forms of multimedia such as video, photo slideshows, and audio can improve your web search rankings. An effective means of enhancing user experience and a search engine is Multimedia and for example, Google reward sites for providing good quality content such as this.

4. Easy Navigation

If visitors online are not able to access the information they want in a few clicks of their mouse they will leave your site and move on to someone else’s. To improve your search rankings make sure that your web design includes easy navigation for online users and search engines like google take notice of high bounce rates. There are more than 4 ways web design can improve your search rankings. Following the above-mentioned web design factors will have a positive effect on your search rankings. Do comment or share reviews with us and for more services email at

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